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Monday, 30 August 2021 at 8pm



The Heartbeat of the South



Flamenco is song,

Flamenco is music,

Flamenco is dance,

Flamenco is passion and poetry,

Flamenco is a way of dressing,

Flamenco is a way of life.

Flamenco is a memory of a long ago past and the soul of the people of Andalucía.

And it is listed as World Heritage.

The Arts Society Nerja/Spain would like to share their passion for flamenco with you and show you Flamenco is not just a show you can go to as evening entertainment, it is the heartbeat of the people of the South and part of everyday life.

They will look at the history of Flamenco and the origin of its name. They will focus on the three essences of Flamenco: Song, Music and Dance while demonstrating examples of the rhythms. There are 50 different song groups and we will demonstrate 7 of them.

Their Flamenco artists are local Spanish artists, they have performed abroad, far and near, and their very souls are flamenco! 
Flamenco: the Heartbeat of the South, its History, its Rhythms

Dancers: Antonio and Elsa Guerra 
Guitar: Ruben Portillo 
Singer: Rosa Linares 


Narrator in English: Helen Sijsling

All song texts are subtitled in English and Spanish, so you know what they are singing about.



Monday, 6 September 2021 at 8pm


Joaquin Sorolla:

Painter of Light


 by Dr Jacqueline Cockburn 


One of the most extraordinary Spanish artists from Valencia; Joaquin Sorolla has become better known more recently. He lived from 1863 to 1923 and created a world full of light and colour which delights the senses. Sometimes a social painter he was more concerned with capturing light falling on bodies and sea-scapes and his wonderful technique will be considered in this colourful lecture. His final Visions of Spain now in New York will also be shown.



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