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We have returned to our former location at the Fritz-Haber-Villa for this lecture and for future lectures!!

Fritz-Haber-Villa, Faradayweg 8 (side entrance Hittorfstrasse)





We mourn the passing of our Committee Member HELGA BEITZ. Helga was a member of Bridfas Berlin/The Arts Society Berlin and a member of the Committee since 1999 and a great asset in her engagement for our society especially through her great knowledge of the arts in the widest sense. Our society and her friends benefitted so much from her never tiring help and her wonderful friendly and humorous being. If help was needed there was never a question that she was in the forefront to assist in what ever was needed. She adored her family especially her grandchildren and was a wonderful friend to her friends and neighbours. We will sorely miss her, not only as a committee member but as a most appreciated friend. 






Next lecture on  

Monday, 23 April 2018


Andrew Davies – We are Amused: A Look at Victorian Entertainments


Contrary to popular myth, the Victorians knew very well how to entertain themselves. From the music hall to the circus, from the enormous expansion in theatre to the development of organised sport, novels, magazines, new art galleries, toys, board games and cards - what a wonderful cornucopia



Our lecturer is Andrew Davies, who many of you will now from his many entertaining lectures to us over the past years.


Andrew is an extra-Mural Tutor for London, Essex and The Open University; Author of 9 books, including The East End Nobody Knows; frequent contributor to radio and television; has lectured all over the world; he organises walks to complement his lectures.





We have changed our name to The Arts Society Berlin in line with recent changes to The Arts Society in the UK, who provides us with the wonderful choice of lecturers to come to Berlin.

















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