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We have returned to our former location at the Fritz-Haber-Villa for this lecture and for future lectures!!

Fritz-Haber-Villa, Faradayweg 8 (side entrance Hittorfstrasse)

In the EGM on 25th September 2017 our members approved the change of our name to

The Arts Society Berlin e.V.


This reflects the changes recently introduced by NADFAS, which is the organisation through which we find our speakers, and which is now called the Arts Society. See  The change of name was confirmed by the Berlin authorities in February 2018



Next lecture on 


Monday, 19 March 2018 

Peter Warwick – Aqua Triumphalis: Power & Pageantry on the Thames. Celebrating the cultural history of London’s Royal River



The River Thames was London’s ‘grandest street’. A public stage for Royal, national and civic ceremony and celebration for five hundred years. Through artist’s interpretations and by looking at some of the great events that took place on its silvery waters, such as Anne Boleyn’s coronation, Lord Nelson’s funeral and the Lord Mayor’ s annual pageant, the lecture paints a fascinating story of a liquid history flowing at the heart of Britain’s story. It draws upon a wealth of fascinating material rarely seen and concludes with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant in 2012 and the story of Gloriana, The Queen’s Row Barge, with which the lecturer is intimately involved.








The Arts Society Accredited Lecturer






An author, historian, high-profile event organiser and a recognised authority on Admiral Lord Nelson. Specialises in naval, maritime and polar history. Chairs The 1805 Club, which conserves the monuments of the Georgian sailing navy; The New Waterloo Dispatch (Waterloo 200), the official body that arranged the bicentenary commemorations for Waterloo in 2015 and is now, through cross-culture, celebrating the Idea that is Europe; and Thames Alive which is re-introducing pageantry to the River Thames. In 2012 arranged the manpowered squadron of Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant and the Thames Olympic Torch Relay. A founder and Trustee of Gloriana The Queen’s Row Barge. As vice-chairman of the Official Nelson Commemorations Committee played a key role in the planning of The Trafalgar Festival and Sea Britain 2005. Lectures widely in the UK at schools, universities and defence establishments, overseas, and on sea voyages.


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